Chen GlycoGroup Recent Alumni:

Libo joined Chen group since July 2020.

He is currently a professor at Guizhou University in China.

Dr. John McAuthor

Dr. Malathy Palayam

Malathy Palayam
PhD Bioinformatics (X-ray Crystallography and Biophysics), University of Madras, India

Dr. Na Lan

B.S in chemistry , Sogang university ( Seoul, Republic of Korea, 2013)

M.S in Organic chemistry, Sogang university (Seoul Republic of Korea, 2015)

Dr. Anppojit Kooner

Dr. Xiaoxiao Yang

BS in Chemistry, Osaka University, Japan.

Dr. Riyao Li

2012.9 — 2016.6  Bachelor in chemistry, Nankai University, China

2015.9 — 2016.1  Research associate, Indiana University, Bloomington, USA

Dr. Yuanyuan Bai

2012.9 -2016.5: B.S. of Chemistry, University of Iowa, USA

Yuanyuan graduated at Oct. 2022


Dr. Wanqing Li

Principal Scientific Researcher at Genentech