An got his B.S. and M.S. degrees in pharmaceutical sciences at Perking University, where he worked with Professor Xin-Shan Ye on the synthesis, analytical characterization, and biological evaluation of tumor-associated glycopeptide antigen MUC1 analogs as anti-tumor vaccines. He joined Chen lab in the winter of 2014 and now he is a Ph.D. candidate in chemistry. His research interests are:

  1. Methodology development, synthesis and inhibition assay of sialidase transition-state analogs Neu5Ac2en and 2,7-anhydro-Neu5Ac derivatives as sialidase inhibitors.
  2. Synthesis and assay analysis of glycans containing N-acetyl sialic acids as stable analogs of O-acetyl sialic acids.
  3. Synthesis of legionaminic acid-containing glycosides.
  4. Extracting N-glycans from natural sources, as well as 2-AB labeling and analysis of glycans.

Besides, he is also our safety officer since he entered the lab.

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